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How Much Will My Cosmic Adventures Visit Cost?

Please use the form below to estimate* the cost of your visit. Simply
  1. Enter the ZIP code of the visit site
  2. Enter the number of participants attending programs (Don't count staff members attending the visit -- we don't charge for them)
  3. Press "Calculate"
... and we'll do the math for you.

Please note: these prices are for standard length programs of approximately 45 minutes. We feel that this program length is ideal for most groups, allowing for both instructional time and questions from the audience. If you are looking for a different program length, don't know how many people will be attending programs, or aren't sure exactly what you need, please contact us using our question form. Thank you!

Visit Location ZIP code:
Number of participants (don't count staff):
* Price quotes generated by the cost estimator are not guaranteed; we don't trust technology THAT much. But they should be very close to the official price.