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Cosmic Adventures' Birthday Party Programs

The Cosmic Adventures Traveling Planetarium can be a wonderful birthday party experience for your child and her or his friends. However, there are two big questions to ask yourself when trying to decide if it is right for you and your child:

1) Do I Have The Room For A Planetarium?

The smaller of our two domes holds about 25 people and needs at least 20 feet by 20 feet of floor space and 11 feet of ceiling clearance. The larger dome holds about 50 people and needs at least 25 feet by 25 feet of floor space and 13 feet of ceiling clearance. The domes cannot be set up outdoors.

Since most homes do not have rooms large enough to hold the planetarium, you'll need to find a place that does, which adds to the expense, time and logistics of planning your party. Cosmic Adventures will make suggestions as to possibe locations (community centers, schools, church halls) but the responsibility of finding and securing a location lies with the party host.

2) Is A Planetarium Program Really What I Am Looking For?

Greg Anderson, the owner/operator of Cosmic Adventures Traveling Planetarium, tries to make ALL the presentations he does fun and exciting for his audiences. That being said, he is more of an educator than an entertainer, and so the presentation at your party will focus on learning about astronomy. Yes, it's cool and can be very fun, but a different, quieter kind of fun than a clown or a pony or pirates.

OK, so let's assume that your child is really into space and wants nothing else than to learn more about the universe. What about his or her friends? Will they be as interested? In our experience, many children at birthday parties are more into eating cake, playing games and running around than sitting down for a relatively quiet presentation.

Another factor to consider is the age/maturity level of the children involved. Four and five year olds are probably not going to want to sit through a planetarium presentation outside of a school setting. Six and seven year olds may. Ages eight and older will probably fare better.

3) Hey! Are you Trying To Talk Me Out OF This?

Not at all. But we do want you to be satisfied with our program if you hire us, so we want you to think about whether our planetarium is a good fit for your party. If it sounds like it will be, read on...

Program Information & Rates

Each program is 45 to 60 minutes. If you have a large group, we can also split the time into two 30-minute programs. Our most popular show is called "A Brief of Tour of the Universe" and is a general interest Astronomy introduction, covering the current night sky, constellations, the Moon and currently visible planets. We can also customize programs upon request in order to make the content more relevant to your child's interests.

The cost of a program in our small dome is $250.00; the large dome is $350.00. Travel Fees include travel time ($60 per hour from our location in Frederick, MD to yours, prorated to the nearest quarter hour) and mileage ($1 per mile(one way)). The first hour and first 25 miles are free.

Check our calendar for available dates. Please note however, that the schedule sometimes changes faster than we can update the calendar, so we can guarantee availability only when you contact us directly.

Questions? Ready To Schedule?

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