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Our Big New Dome

Bigger isn't always better, but sometimes you just need more space. (Pardon the astronomy humor.) While our small dome remains a great fit for class-size groups (at least most class sizes) we found that we were getting lots of requests from schools that wanted everyone to get a chance to visit the planetarium. And while portable domes donít come large enough to accommodate full schools at one time yet, we were able to double our capacity over the summer by adding this new six meter (20 foot) diameter dome. The ACME Instant Big Dome™ - just add water (or air)!

The new dome takes up more floor space (allow for 25 x 25 feet) and is a bit taller (about 13 feet of vertical clearance is needed). It will hold between 45 and 60 astronomers (depending on their size, of course.) The new domeís thicker walls and smoother projection surface enhance the overall planetarium experience.

So, if you are looking to bring a lot of people through the planetarium, or just want more room for your group, think about giving our new dome a try!