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Cosmic Adventures Is BACK! (Sort of.)While we are excited to welcome people back to the planetarium, we are still somewhat limited in our ability to do so.
Please contact us if you would like a planetarium visit to your organization, and we will try to make it work!

Welcome to Cosmic Adventures! Our astronomy programs are designed to bring the joys of stargazing alive for your students -- inside and during the day.

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Cosmic Adventures
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We bring the planetarium (either a sixteen or twenty foot dome) to your site and give presentations with our state-of-the-art digital projector that fire students' imaginations while teaching them about the motions of the skies, the wonders of space, and the effects of light pollution.

Based in Frederick, MD, our traveling planetarium roams far and wide over Maryland and Pennsylvania. We also visit parts of Delaware, Virginia and West Virginia in our quest to bring the stars to students (both children and young adults) in schools and in home school programs.

Kids love our planetarium programs, which allow them to become astronauts for an hour, whether the occasion is an in-school field trip, a PTA cultural arts program, or a STEAM Night. In our dynamic presentations, your budding astronomers soar through the galaxy with fly-bys of planets, and even virtually venture deep into the outer reaches of the universe.

We offer astronomy programs for all grade levels: preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, college and even adult education programs. We've set up the planetarium for school day visits, science fairs, space nights, and faith communities. Programs for Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Home School groups, corporate family days, youth groups and other community organizations are also available.

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We can also be reached at:

Cosmic Adventures, LLC
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Frederick, MD 21702